Sketch Crawl 18, San Francisco

60 people convened in the shadow of SF’s signature chocolate giant, Ghiradelli, on Saturday under low clouds and cool temps. The sun shown later in the afternoon burning off the clouds like a photo emulsion revealing the positively good time had by all as sketch books exchanged hands and minds at day’s end. This was Sketch Crawl’s biggest crawl yet with over fifty cities participating worldwide.









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7 Responses to “Sketch Crawl 18, San Francisco”

  1. John Deckert Says:

    It was my first Sketchcrawl too.
    You can rock that sketchbook, yeah!
    I wish I’d seen it in person.
    John D

  2. shublog Says:

    Cheers! Ronnie and Enrico have synthesized goodly parts sun, air, nice folks and a catalyst creative act.. A social experiment turned chain reaction! With a wee bit of exhibition thrown in. I’m looking forward to #19!

  3. Nonie Says:

    Awesome that you’ve got a blog up! Sketchcrawl was a blast, your results are among my favorites posted 🙂 Now I wanna play with my colored pencils 🙂

  4. scotharr Says:

    Congratulations on getting your blog up, and keep creating and posting your stuff. It makes me want to get out my 6′ ruler and protractor and….. nahhhh.

  5. shublog Says:

    Hey Scott; Rulers and protractors are for sissies!

  6. bosguit Says:

    hey man, I’m excited to watch this space… you da freakin’ MAN.

  7. troyboy Says:

    July was your last post……
    You have not been keeping this blog up-to-date….. We want new pictures Dam It!
    Love the Trains…..

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