motocyclette, s’il vous plaît

A series of cycle concepts from the archives.. The BMWs were sketched in homage to two artist/ rider friends who are currently cruising the cirrostratus. A luta continua Dan and Les! The color jobs are solidly based on the non-fiction adventures of me and my friend Jonathan shadowing the Breeder’s tour bus on the way to their in-store performance at a downtown Toronto HMV in 1994.
hooligan.jpgbestradius.jpgsedan.jpg dan.jpg  les1.jpg  speedmerchants.jpg yonge.jpg 


9 Responses to “motocyclette, s’il vous plaît”

  1. jamie Says:

    you are a good drawer, JAY.

  2. shublog Says:

    Thanks Jamie.

  3. Nonie Says:

    Not a biker myself but I love motorcycles 🙂 The last drawing is really great.

  4. Lynn Says:

    You continue to amaze me. Your talent needs to be shared with the world…. Love it all!!!

  5. shublog Says:

    Thanks Lynn!! it took eons to make the hyper jump to blog space.. !

  6. Jason Scheier Says:

    absolutely stunning work Jay!

  7. rmee Says:

    Long live the LAW, riding the eternal highway in the sky! Nice homage Senor Shu.

  8. shublog Says:

    Cheers Rmee! The LAW rules.

  9. Kevin Chin Says:

    Amazing work! Love the designs.

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