Diesel-punk and club racers..


Hey man, to know where you’re going- you got to look back. Here’re some college-grade sketches from 17 years ago. Like the dead sea scrolls. 


8 Responses to “Diesel-punk and club racers..”

  1. Jason Scheier Says:


  2. dice Says:

    man jay…

    this is really amazing. You posted a lot of stuff.. wow!! beautiful drawings all around!
    I wanna learn your marker technique one of those days.. will you teach me?

  3. jjou Says:

    dang…and i was just learning to write 17 years ago…j/k. great work jay!! I’m beaming with pride 🙂

  4. hdc Says:

    wow jay those are awesome awesome stuff. Me likey

  5. Tommy Lee Edwards Says:

    I remember buying a portfolio of some of your car drawings years ago at a gallery in Detroit. Nice coming across your blog today….
    keep up the great work–
    best of luck-

  6. shublog Says:

    TLE; Nice work yourself! I checked out your site last night! I think it’s time to reprint those sketches. My dad volunteered to print those years ago (’92 I think) and though I appreciated it.. the prints were so lacking in contrast. I drew over a set I sent to ILM in an internship app. that same year- just to punch em up.. despite their rec to not send originals. They’re drawn on vellum so I used to run them through the blueprint machine.. nicely reproduced the tones. Cheers! and I enjoyed your work!

  7. Vaughan Ling Says:

    Sweet!!! These are uber lively. Did you graduate with a trans degree? I’m at CCS now for cars, I’ve been seriously thinking about illustration recently.

    • shublog Says:

      V; Hey thanks- no trans degree. no trans fats. I’d suggest you expand your repertoire into mass transit concepts and or retro-fits of existing rail systems.. baby bullets or trans-continental solutions; though all that requires serious upgrades to the actual tracks (most likely ancient). What year are you in? time enough to switch? I’d say stay on target and finish up- plus I’d say you’ll possibly get more movie production related knowledge in trans; stuff that’ll inform the iterative design process, model-packeting (instruction booklet you hand-off to the model builder.. better yet; do you build?) and general manufacturing knowledge that informs how grounded/convincing an object looks on screen.

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