Migration time, June 1993

Starting life as a side-project at CCS in 1992, some choice, kluged-together objects abandoned their former lives as bike water bottle cages, RC components and lighting fixture heat sink housings to take on the decidedly greater inanimate object life-path of harnessing light and focusing it through a 35mm slide- usually melting it within 30 seconds or less.

The damn thing disappeared back in June 1993. Screen door ajar.. power cord left amidst a heaping hand-full of deformed cellulose images buckled in their cheap cardboard frames.

It reached the shores of Lake Michigan weeks later- traveling 300 miles on it’s not-so-useless-after-all stubby mutant pygmy feet. 

We tracked it down but not before the little punk waded-out into the deadly surf (see below) It’s probably somewhere in Wisconsin right now melting cheddar over a lovely tuna salad or pie. Needless to say Eugene was pissed. Les was confused. I was dehydrated and confused. 

To make up for all the disappointment that day we went fishing out on Les’s boat. Candy on a stick placated any feelings of loss we may have had for our slide-melting friend. All was well.


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