Tom painting

I drew Tom painting at long pose class last night. Those are sculpture tripods in the background. Tom graciously agreed to sign the piece- in the lower left of the frame. It’s a mutated form of his native thai signature.. suitably spelling the inverse. nice!


6 Responses to “Tom painting”

  1. Eric Orchard Says:

    Wonderful, fascinating blog!

  2. Ben Mauro Says:

    Wow! Just stumbled across this, i have been a fan for a long time. The episode 1 stuff really sparked an interest in I.D. for me. Look forward to more.

  3. jamie Says:

    keep those posts coming, JAY! Get in a few before the end of May.

  4. Mike Luyckx Says:

    Jay, Thanks for posting some of your work. As usual, your talent and passion for sketching is inspiring! The humor is a nice touch as well. See you next time you head this way. Peace.

  5. shublog Says:

    Cheers Mike! Glad you found me in the blogsphere! I’ve been digging around the archives feeding the blog monster.. it feels good revisiting old CCS projects. Thanks for posting a comment!

  6. jc Says:

    i love your work….
    btw, that’ looks EXACTLY like Tom. =0)

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