Sleeping Bear

I’ve got 3 days to myself in Michigan’s northern reaches. Ah, in our cherubic days of yore- Pete, James and I would spend spring break here biking the in-progress winter thaw. Summer’s too. Glen Arbor, MI is our place; on the west coast of the Leelanau Peninsula which is raked with shallow and blue lakes and bays. I found a rock to sit on near the boat launch at Sutton’s Bay yesterday and sketched.. perhaps it would be more interesting with an overlay and time signature of the three different pleasure craft people off-loaded down the ramp in the hour I was there. 


Wall-e in the movie house. I left the boat launch, drove north and tripped on The Bay movie house in downtown Sutton’s Bay! Amazed to find our movie on this remote coast!

Classic false-front building.. can’t be more than 100 seats. (correction: over 200!) It’s raining today so I might take in a screening.

Sleeping Bear Dunes! 500 foot drop to Lake Michigan. Last night’s sunset vantage point courtesy of The Pierce Stocking Drive in Empire. Shooting directly into the sun which is always good for the CCD. 


5 Responses to “Sleeping Bear”

  1. Kelly Hobby Says:

    It’s great to see you enjoying your break. It’s so beautiful up there in MI. That’s funny how Wall-e was screening in a small town theater. Just goes to show they have good taste. Congrads on your guys opening weekend.
    I have an internship at Disney Interactive and got to see it with all the other Disney employees. I loved it so much I want to see it again in again.
    And don’t worry whenever I hear someone comment on wall-e looking like john number 5, I quickly correct them for you. ;P Well take care. As always love looking at you work.

  2. farlane Says:

    Cool drawing. I like the sense of the place you’ve captured.

    The Bay actually seats close to 200 and has a nice big screen and sound system. I drove past today and the line was HUGE so I hope you got in OK.

    If you have yet to go, be sure to ask if Bob is there and say hi. He’s the owner of the theatre and would totally get a charge out of meeting someone who worked on the film!

  3. shublog Says:

    Right on! (People love pointing out that both Johnny five and Wall-e have round eyes. Astounding stuff!)

  4. shublog Says:

    Farlane; Cheers! I’m back in No. Cal now and am missing No. Michigan. I didn’t get a whole lot of drawing in up there.

    Perhaps one of these years I can bring a film to The Bay for one of their film festivals. That would be righteous.

  5. Ben Mauro Says:

    Thats so great. i grew up in Rochester Hills, with my weekends up in the Saginaw Bay area. Haven’t been to the Dunes in years.

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