Sleeping Bear 2

The day started and stayed wet. I’d like to attach a crusty maritime-based name to the system that moved through. Like a ‘Northern Clipper’ or ‘Norwest Tempest’. But it just.. rained. 

A sad, disused vista-scope on the beach at Empire. I know those eye shapes.. just can’t seem to place them.

People gassing-up on $4.19 regular at the BP in Frankfort have a chance to win lunch with me and my friends as we discuss the day’s critical issues. That’s right, critical issues.  

The pièce de susténance! The rain forced the good people of Sutton’s Bay indoors for a 6:45pm screening. This exceptional piece of Wall-e folk art was displayed loud and proud on the ticket counter. (Congratulations to The Bay theater for their decent hi-fi sound and picture!)


10 Responses to “Sleeping Bear 2”

  1. Jeff Falafelufagus Says:

    That is awesome! It’s got the computer chip and everything. There is love in that folk art, my friend. Was his little buddy there, too? Crawling across the counter, perhaps?

  2. Robert Bahle Says:

    Thanks for the the nice comments and pictures of The Bay Theatre. If you would have come to the 4:00 show on Wednesday you might not have gotten in as we sold out all 271 seats. WALL-E is a great movie. You and all at Pixar must be proud.

    I’m sitting with my folks and my daughter showing them your posts. My dad says I should get your address and send you some more pictures of the theater. I told him that I thought your pictures were very nice.


  3. meril Says:

    wall-e was a huge hit in our house. jack watched the movie with without blinking i think. congratulations! it’s destined to be another classic. hope your vacation is going well. post some shots of the dunes!


  4. Zoe Allen-Wickler Says:

    I was the Wall-e “folk art” artist, along with the help of my dad, sister and her friend! This Wall-e was glued together one morning before work for our display, and has been a hit. So has the movie (We’ve sold out: a rare thing for this theatre!)! Anyway, thank you exuberantly for stopping by and posting the picture!
    ~ Zoe

  5. shublog Says:

    Right on! Finding Wall-e in this corner of the world was Awesome. It’s great to experience the work one does translated and transmitted out into the public realm in all various incarnations. Cheers!

  6. shublog Says:

    Bob; Great to find a gem like The Bay in Sutton’s. Back here at Pixar we’re floored by the reviews Wall-e’s getting.

    How long will Wall-e play at The Bay?

  7. Peebo D'Ahhhg Says:

    I am the butter of popcorn at the Bay Theatre in Shephards Bay, Mass, and I don’t appreciate anything I’ve read here. Also I have some indegestion right now. And trouble spelling.

  8. shublog Says:

    Leroy Hubble of the Slot Machine Institute of the America’s was quoted as saying, “People will spend their time on money but not their money on time.” In the same dissertation of 1936 he asserted his belief in the unlimited dispensing of butter products via individual theater seat nozzles protruding from the arm rest. He was a true visionary who campaigned for a public transit system based on overhead bumper car electrical systems.

    I’m sorry I just made all that up. But Leroy’s still a cool guy.

  9. jason hazelroth Says:

    Hello, I am a fellow CCS alum and a big fan of yours. I love your walle design. I only wish they had shown more of the development and technical drawings for him in the art book.
    great work!

  10. phrough Says:

    check it:

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