Cooper MKX

The Pixar Motorama this past Friday drew cars from as far away as Detroit (support your local organic automobile maker) and included such employee-owned relics as Jay Ward’s freshly minted ’57 Pontiac Safari wagon. The spectrum was complete with a fine example of Chrysler’s most recent depression era mettle: an ’86 LeBaron. Gleaming and replete with labeled (that’s right spelled out ‘right’, ‘left’) turn indicators. Can’t knock that- it’s the car that saved a company. 

Sure, there were a few cars from outside the ebony gates as well. Richard Frank was there with his 1956 F3 Cooper MKX.. a 500 cc Norton Manx single cylinder propelling drivers Jack Newton and Bob Wenz thru a giant-killing decade: the car would often face off against and beat Corvettes and Formula Juniors. Gratifying what you can do with a motorcycle engine and bit of ingenuity. 

Read more about this vintage racer at

I was drawing this when Richard took notice. He introduced himself and his family- the nicest folks one and all! 


5 Responses to “Cooper MKX”

  1. Greg Pro Says:

    Hi Jay-

    Awesome blog. I really like your sketch work by the way. Can you tell me what materials you use for a sketch like this?



  2. shublog Says:

    G; It’s just a felt-tip sketch with prismacolor pencil and whiteout pen overtop. Thanks for the comment! jshu

  3. Philippe Giron Says:

    Great sketchwork. Can i get a copy?

  4. AlexM Says:

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Arvind Says:

    As always….a master in sketching mechanical objects among other things! Your vintage racers will always be one of my favorites. Your value and contrast is really cool in this sketch. Perfectly accentuates the details and focal point. Great stuff!

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