Baard for life

Colleague and low-grade nemesis, Dave Chow, used the Detroit-bound five hour flight from The San Diego Comic-con to iterate on the many states of facial hair I currently share face with. Of the eighteen bristling exploits I find the cover-all and or cape scenario most ingenious. Laugh it up Chow!! 


5 Responses to “Baard for life”

  1. Dave Chow Says:

    HA! Just wait ’til you shave off that face ferret. The guffaws then will be ten times worse. Besides I’m already taking suggestions for Shu-Beard 2.0.

  2. Dave Chow Says:

    I’m up for doing a beard a day for a year if anyone’s got more ideas. Anyone wanna make a calendar off of the Shuster fur?

  3. shublog Says:

    I knew the stubble of extruded, deceased cells on my mug would come back to haunt me. I’ve got valid reasons for the excessive gnarl; I’m in a short-film currently being shot on location in SF.. the story calls for a character who’s not entirely caring about keeping up appearances. Not a dis on the bearded mind you. I’ll post something about this project sometime soon.

  4. raison Says:

    hey! why is everyone always picking on the beard? it’s not unkempt! and totally appropriate for our fog-induced climate or sitting at the bottom of el capitan or half dome drawing…

    i’ve never noticed any marmots nor other unsightly creatures living amongst what you describe as the madness that surrounds the shu’s face…

    still, the drawing of a beard a day for a year sounds like fun. i have plenty of ideas… and jay’s a good sport!

  5. Dave Chow Says:

    For those that want to see Shu-Beard Version 2.0 c’mon over to my blog ( and you can see how much more ribbing Jay can take before he sues me for all I’m worth- which isn’t more than a few buttons and grass clippings at times.

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