Taken for granite

Ah, the grandeur of Yosemite. Out here a man could forget about his car payments. And that game show host who haunts his dreams. Eight of us endured Friday night traffic and great hardship to achieve new heights in achieving height. Enter Half Dome.  

Half Dome above, left. (Photo by Nadine Takvorian)

Up at 5:30 Saturday morning and a five hour hike to the foot of the 45 degree, 300 meter incline on a beautiful, clear day. Posts every 15 feet secure wood planks and suspend two cables for your scaling pleasure.. unfortunately were not enough to fend-off the Jimmy Stewart/ Vertigo spinning thing. While everyone else on the planet (newborns, seniors, the secure, the insecure. a variety of small, limping mammals with tiny twig-crutches) queued-up for glory, I enjoyed the low-pulse recreation of eating lunch and pushing pen. 

The first-take: from the lower plateau, most people would stop and survey the humanity before progressing/ retreating. There were instances of folks freaking out mid-way up causing bottlenecks and heated calls of encouragement from the impatient behind them. Water bottles of all fashions fell from great heights on a regular basis; a dislodged boulder from the top making a brief appearance before reaching light speed and evaporating into parts and dust. That’s entertainment!

Rejoined by my fellow hikers we began the descent back to the valley floor around 4pm. Inhaled two pizzas, showered and collapsed by 9:30 only to be roused momentarily by some guy in the parking lot shouting at a bear.


4 Responses to “Taken for granite”

  1. Maureen Says:

    The trek to the very top sounds stressful… drawing and enjoying lunch sounds much more fun. Think I would have stayed behind as well. Great sketches!

  2. shublog Says:

    The lasting impression was crazy beautiful views in every direction when I got to the top.. no one in my group was pressuring me into climbing but there is a palpable peer persuasion thing going on in a collective, micro-socio-sense when oxygen-deprived, cliff-bar-crazed humans are threatened by perceptions of failure if they don’t do something. Yosemite is awesome.. Curry Village cabin tents!!

  3. IanB Says:

    Hey there JShu!
    Wow- It never occurred to me that there would be a queue to get to the top. Looks like a great ascent! Cheers-

  4. scott Says:

    Hey, when did you start in on the blog world! Great to see you out here. Will check back again-catch you later!

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