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October 11, 2008

A random visitor to shublog submitted an impassioned comment last weekend:

“Don’t tease us — the word “NASA” staplegunned my retina to your page. Have you any NASA-clobbering SPACE-THEMED concept work? For example, my dream of dreams — a Martian colony? OR, nearer your heart: a Martian car?”

.. a clarion call to martiana. I can’t say I have any ‘NASA-clobbering’ stuff lying around here. I have a bit of respect for the NASA folks- especially since our Wall-e research trip down to JPL all them years ago. But this piece might suffice. I was 13 and in 7th grade at Derby Middle School. It’s your basic human-invasion-of-space theme replete with things only a benign 13 year-old existence would bring to space: a canoe, various service sector jobs and, of course, anti-grav vehicles. Does our invasion of outer space qualify us as the martians? If my prized 24 Pentel marker set had anything to say about it: then, “yeah, sure.” why not. Besides the fact I was still drawing a bear character as human-proxy: not so much martian as just perplexing. The good man who left the comment can send me a self-addressed/ stamped envelope so I can get his retina back to him. 

Just in case the people didn’t get it, I attached this card to the back of the piece:

These days I’m not so excited about living in space. I’d rather have a nice air-stream trailer.

Employ this man.

October 2, 2008

Pictured below is James Mulvihill. It is a coincidence of no consequence that he is in a shoe shop. But he does require your full attention.

You see, James is a talented Design Engineer with many patents to his credit. He has worked in and around the Detroit area since birth assisting in the logical creation and manufacture of automobile components. When he is not working his problem-solving brain continues to ponder the properties and manipulation of material. I should know. I was there when James read aloud his first poem in 2nd grade about a woman, Penelope, and her insatiable appetite for donuts. Lego and Lincoln Logs and, then, plastic model kits were the order of the day. The devising of new and upgrade components for bicycles was the scaled, rational step towards a degree from Western University/Kalamazoo, MI. As I mentioned before James has been employed by numerous suppliers to the industry. To name a few; JCI, Lear and Alcoa. Times are tough. Numbers have been trimmed from the work force. But you see, James is not a number.. he is, rather, a quality. A quality of the unique human element that grows in a manufacturing society such as Detroit. Please support your local, organic, creative people. And, please, employ this man. Thank you.