Yesterday I mentioned to Enrico I’d be sketching at 30,000 feet as part of the world-wide sketchcrawl today..


It was a nice flight..


6 Responses to “SketchFly”

  1. David Boyle Says:

    haha grats on the awesome POV there. Still, it’s a nice piece!

    I’m also tagging you. Visit my blog for the details. 😛

  2. steve Says:

    Very cool Jay!

    Hey, I met you at the Totoro Forest Project opening reception. We talked a bit about The Art of Wall-E and whatnot, and I didn’t occur to me until later that when you asked for my address that you were probably talking about my physical one.

    If you’re still up for it, I can email it to you, don’t want to post it all public-like, but this is the only way I know how to get in touch with you.

    Thanks again, and it was great meeting you!


  3. Tim Pelayo Says:

    I really like your work. Thanks for posting it up. I was wondering what media you were you using and what you usually carry with you. I just started sketching again after a very long lay off.

    • shublog Says:

      Hey- I have a tablet pc with sketchbook pro on it. the actual toshiba tablet is a monstrosity- and if you can get by microsoft XP and into sketchbook without the OS folding up on you.. drawing on the screen is a joy. this is the first time I’ve traveled with it because it is really is too big to haul around.

  4. jamie Says:

    plus, you were sketching at 500MPH!

  5. IanB Says:

    hey jay- you should check out the modbook. the drawing surface is really nice compared to those of the toshiba and fujitsu I test drove a few years ago. Its a little heavy and gets hot, but its “slate” configuration is probably much more minimal than the tablet ps config- which I suspect youd appreciate- theres no external buttons except the ones on the pen but since youre using SBP I bet you will agree the keyboard can be considered redundant.
    Hope youre well- ciao Ian

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