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Spoils of the Day

February 23, 2009


The Visual Effects Society awards show was last night in LA. Wall-e was nominated for Best Animated Film, Animated Character and Effects; and brother, we snagged all three! Shown here is my weighty and wired-for-light reward for Best Animated Character. In the category I share the honor with Austin Lee, Victor Navone and Ben Burtt! (The judging is based on a single sequence from the film- in this case ‘Wall-e and Eve Truck Sequence’) (A title plate for the front of the base is forth-coming)


The VES award uses the Georges Méliès image of the man-in-the-moon from his turn of the century work Le Voyage dans La Lune. A light in the base illuminates the moon face! ..a detailed behind-the-scenes rear side of the moon.


The award is finished to an exacting degree; Access the internal battery and light through a threaded port/ switch in the bottom!


Weighing-in at 10 lbs., its girth was matched only by tonnage of peer recognition. It was a good night in Century City!

Complete list of VES award recipients: