home is where the half-track is.

Nicely appointed RV half-track modeled after a 1972 GMC Motorhome. Based loosely on Pete, James and mine’s idea of securing a 2-decker London bus and stowing 3 marque 1 mini’s varyingly equipped for snow, high-speed flats and off-road rally. Insets of spacious cab, Toronado V-8 and spa. There is no explanation for the Russian flag.



6 Responses to “home is where the half-track is.”

  1. Vaughan Ling Says:

    saweeet!!, you could fit a limo instead, just in case

  2. meril Says:

    Nice patio furniture on top.

  3. jason Says:

    that is s sort of mucked up version of the former Soviet Unions flag, not the Russian flag. The Russian flag is much less exciting:

    sorry, had to pipe in. Russia is near and dear to me, sort of.

  4. jason hazelroth Says:

    I like the tracks in the back. kinda want to see how all the cars get in and out. fun sketch

  5. Strathwood Says:

    What a cool sketch, I bet it would make a nice t-shirt if you put a funny slogan along with it.

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