Good, clean lines of the Spad S.VII tail section. Stocked the Escadrille Lafayette squad as of May 1917.



2 Responses to “Spad”

  1. Jeet Says:

    Hi jay….I am Jeet I had attend your seminar yesterday, it was awesome and so rocking,I really enjoy talking with you in those 1 and half hours….during question hours I forgot to ask one question.. so my question is
    Q. How blinking of eyes in animation is important and when to do it?
    (means how do I know at particular moment my character should blink his eyes)

    please I waiting for your reply.

    • shublog Says:

      Hey Jeet; Thanks! regarding the eyes.. absolutely essential to bringing life to a sentient being/ creature etc.. if you study the eye movement in pixar films- the animators utilize slight darting of the pupil/ iris combined with blinks. These elements/ actions convey thinking, contemplation. Not being an animator myself ..or knowing what you’re animating I can’t say what the best moments to apply blinks would be. I’d say study the films and let those guide you. best, jshu

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