Muy Loco.

top: Cordial 6-6-6 crew-cab 620, Western Bridge R.R. Second: Triple Steamer 6-4-12 Logger Trammel, Skinectity R.R. Third: Dunleavey Spool-Drive 10-4 Mast-Boiler, Minocqua and Merrimac R.R. Forth: Sutro-Shay direct drive 6-4, Cheyenne Middle Fork R.R.



7 Responses to “Muy Loco.”

  1. Jay Says:

    Hey Jay,

    So this is kinda strange but I am also Jay Shuster…you may have stumbled across my photography if you ever tried to google yourself (which I know is ofcourse everyone’s favourite thing to do). I just wanted to say Hello!

    Ever since I was about 14 I have been getting ‘cold’ emails from star wars fanatics sending me there own mock-ups of phantom menace etc. random people adding me to facebook asking to send me there portfolio and so on and so on.

    Anyways, I always thought it was kinda funny, now i’m sharing it with you.

    Glad to share name!


    p.s. great blog by the way! the one thing I could never do was draw.

  2. shublog Says:

    Jay; this is not unlike talking to myself, a common recurrence. Also explains where all five pieces of fan mail went over the past 10 years. That’s cool- the people who wrote were introduced to a human with an exceptional eye for capturing image. You converted the few, undoubtedly, into patrons of your great work. perhaps sending them on a different path away from the veil thin allure of what currently is star wars. Congratulations! (for those curious- I linked Jay’s Photography site to this site’s blogroll.)

  3. maxime Says:

    just a word: Awesome! I like really the detail that you make, you have a technique of quality! I really like!

  4. Lauren Says:

    This is Lauren Shaffer.
    I met you when you came to speak in Tulsa!
    It is my DREAM to work for Pixar as a Character Artist.
    It’s great to have finally found your blog!
    Do you have an email I could message you on?
    I would love to hear more about your experiences at Pixar!

  5. N8Dreams Says:

    These are very cool engines. Do you have more?

  6. colin Says:

    Trains! Awesome drawings !

  7. Xavier Says:

    Very neat train concepts, I really like the designs!

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