Pop, cult.

Used to be I’d spend much time and resource on my new year’s card. The trend will be reinvigorated for this model year. (I determined that just now) Here’s a look back at 2000’s card featuring Pop Culture and Dot Com vs. MilleniaMan and Miles 2000. Remote-brandishing Pop joined by then-cultural force, Dot Com, to swindle millions from millions in a race to reign the internet box. Vigilantes MilleniaMan and Miles 2000 stay wired to keep the forces at ebay. To be further expanded into Graphic Novelette, books, web-series, screenplay, toy line and off Broadway production. All rights reserved.

popcultureBIGfinal cardFLAT


8 Responses to “Pop, cult.”

  1. jonny Says:

    love this one – and every one. Pop Culture is the lunar rover barcalounger of its day – and for its owners who are its few, informed consumers. Russian version: six wheel drive dual rear-axle. Suitable for crossing rivers in eastern Siberia mid-summer.

  2. Eric Says:

    Hi Jay,
    Kudos to you on the Royal Oak Tribune article about you last week Sept. 6. Nice to see home talent making it big out there. My kids are going to go bonkers over those new films your working on. I hope you are thinking of publishing a sketch book of your film and personal work? I think it would do AWESOME!

  3. Matt Says:

    Love your sketching style, really enjoyed your presentation in Detroit this past weekend. It was great to have talked to you and been able to see your level of work and personality.

  4. Hans Says:

    Very cool stuff! Love your designs.

  5. murphy Says:

    ah man this is all really inspiring. awesome stuff!!

  6. Andrei Says:

    Love You blog!You have great style!:o)

  7. colin Says:

    great blog great style

  8. Thomas Says:

    hehehe, fun.

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