Down Mexico way

These highly compelling images are absent of human beings. And, for the most part, our time spent in Tulum, Mexico (on the Yucatán Peninsula) was just that: peaceful and, at times*, eerily void of breathing sapiens, simians or the primitive prosimian.

This is a view, north, to the dining room from one of the outdoor patios at La Zebra- where the majority of the wedding party took up residence.

One undertakes the study of thatch roof construction when in the presence of thatched roofs. the dining room (looking west here) utilizes a redundant internal roof. they are extremely effective in the transmission of rain away from ones material possessions. which begs the question: do we ever truly possess anything?

*Some days the beach swelled with all manner of burned, tanned, pale-white mankind pushing the ecology and euro-speedo to its elastic limits.

Speaking of isolation and roof construction; Dick Proenneke mastered both in 1967.



6 Responses to “Down Mexico way”

  1. Chris Hopkins Says:

    Man, I love this documentary. I am so glad you posted it. I saw it on PBS one morning and never took note as to its title. I thought I was the only one who saw it. Thanks for bring it to life again for me!

  2. Jeremy Says:

    Were you a walkin’ fish? Oh yeah…

  3. Kiel Says:

    At last! The return! (Writing over a month after posted). I wonder if you’ll post Tulum *ruin* sketches, which almost certainly exist.

  4. Mark P Says:

    When I watch this documentary I fall into a trance, I think it’s how he speaks, the tone of his voice. I love how easy he makes it look also. Building a house from scratch!

  5. David M McClain Says:

    I read Proeneke’s book a few years back and the thing that amazes me the most is his fantastic level of accomplishment at nearly every part of primitive life. As much as I love the idea, reading and watching someone actually do it is a stark reminder of just how much I love civilization.
    I love the drawings, BTW, one of the problems I run into when trying to sketch-travel is distraction. There’s always someplace to go and something to see. But then again, maybe thats my own fault for scheduling too much.

  6. Barbara Says:

    I thought we were the only one’s to see Alone in he Wilderness. Strong guy. I like his log notching technique.

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