waste naut

Here are sketches of a Waste Allocation Loader Lifter-Earth (class). Some of the first development work circa 2006..


7 Responses to “waste naut”

  1. Matt Jones Says:

    Incredible work J!

  2. humza khan Says:

    your marker sketches are hypnotic 🙂

  3. Studiomiguel Says:

    Gorgeous work and great thinking on some of those processes. I’m not sure most people realize how many countless hours go into solving these kinds of problems. What would you say in the process vs inspiration argument?

    • shublog Says:

      The process was the inspiration. We were building a machine from the ground up- the only reverse flow of form over function were the binocular eyes Andrew Stanton wanted from the get-go .. but, then, they were entirely functional too. Thanks for the compliments!

  4. Animesh Says:

    You made Wall-e???


  5. Amanda Winter Says:

    Hey Jay! Love your sketches and your blog! Love and smooches – Amanda Winter (Schneider)

  6. Vinay verma Says:

    I love ur work.

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