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MAD metal jacket

August 3, 2011

This marks the 50th year of MAD Magazine’s Spy VS. Spy! Olde LucasFilm colleague Jon Bresman and David Croatto at MAD combined their wonder-powers and sent me the blank figure to garnish in ways that were self-pleasing. Kit-bashing was the order of the day. Something like 12 random kits, Cyanoacrylate (and kicker!) and primer.. 72 hours passed and as I ran out the door to go to India I threw this in the mail to David. Please feel repelled to see more views here:

On the subject: here’s another custom figurine thing from 2006. Kevin Skinner hooked me up with this gig. I augered-out the solid wood head with the Dremel and kit-bashed the brain. I never get beyond primer and simple color with these things. form is everything. sometimes.