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Sea Shadow

November 13, 2012

This is the short story. You’ll have to read more about it elsewhere.

This is the Hughes Mining Barge 1 launched in 1974. Built by Howard to aid the CIA in salvaging the sunken Soviet submarine K-129 that went missing in 1968. It’s currently anchored at Treasure Island in SF bay.

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Inside the mammoth super structure lives the stealth ship Sea Shadow. Ron Reagan cashed-in some tax proceeds to develop the boat and its proto-stealth technology in the early 80’s.

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It’s brain-melting cool. and, a week ago, scrapping commenced. Museums declined to save it. The Sea Shadow will be reduced to five-foot sections of plate and cage.

Scale ref. Just over 300 feet in length.

Massive pontoons and control planes kept the ship stable at 14.2 knots.

Not as deranged as the Russian’s beautiful Ekranoplan VVA-14; there’s a creepy simplicity to the Sea Shadow’s form. Not to mention scale. Standing under a boat this size is not right.

Lead ballast ejected from the pontoons. Stacked neatly.

Propelled by two Detroit Diesel Allison Diesel-Electric engines buried deep inside the upper haul; various exhaust-scrubbing devices hid its heat signature from heat-seekers.

Sure ‘nough- Detroit finds its way into the hearts of most things.

Thanks to PD for the tour!

lake bed, grit and combustion

November 12, 2012

the closing races of SCTA’s 2012 season. a dry, well-lighted place to put your foot in it, man. We were not alone.


El Mirage. No salt added. That’s Bonneville. Save the salt.


air-busting Buick


hood-mounted ram-air incendiary device.


hang on.


Wide Open.


Shinya Kimura/ Chabott Engineering cycle


Scratch-built Beauty.




25+ mph tail wind. 35 F wind chill. Nerves.

Brilliant piece about the builder.