Down Mexico way

November 11, 2010

These highly compelling images are absent of human beings. And, for the most part, our time spent in Tulum, Mexico (on the Yucatán Peninsula) was just that: peaceful and, at times*, eerily void of breathing sapiens, simians or the primitive prosimian.

This is a view, north, to the dining room from one of the outdoor patios at La Zebra- where the majority of the wedding party took up residence.

One undertakes the study of thatch roof construction when in the presence of thatched roofs. the dining room (looking west here) utilizes a redundant internal roof. they are extremely effective in the transmission of rain away from ones material possessions. which begs the question: do we ever truly possess anything?

*Some days the beach swelled with all manner of burned, tanned, pale-white mankind pushing the ecology and euro-speedo to its elastic limits.

Speaking of isolation and roof construction; Dick Proenneke mastered both in 1967.



APE 17, Sketch Crawl 29

October 25, 2010

Sketch inspired by the Alternative Press Expo last weekend.. coincided with Sketch Crawl 29! (and first post in over a year)

Pop, cult.

July 18, 2009

Used to be I’d spend much time and resource on my new year’s card. The trend will be reinvigorated for this model year. (I determined that just now) Here’s a look back at 2000’s card featuring Pop Culture and Dot Com vs. MilleniaMan and Miles 2000. Remote-brandishing Pop joined by then-cultural force, Dot Com, to swindle millions from millions in a race to reign the internet box. Vigilantes MilleniaMan and Miles 2000 stay wired to keep the forces at ebay. To be further expanded into Graphic Novelette, books, web-series, screenplay, toy line and off Broadway production. All rights reserved.

popcultureBIGfinal cardFLAT

Muy Loco.

June 30, 2009

top: Cordial 6-6-6 crew-cab 620, Western Bridge R.R. Second: Triple Steamer 6-4-12 Logger Trammel, Skinectity R.R. Third: Dunleavey Spool-Drive 10-4 Mast-Boiler, Minocqua and Merrimac R.R. Forth: Sutro-Shay direct drive 6-4, Cheyenne Middle Fork R.R.


architect, sure!

June 30, 2009

Italian Architect, Renzo Piano, planned the new Cal Academy of Science in Golden Gate Park. And I quote, “The roof design is like lifting up a piece of the park and putting a building under it.” I spent two hours dissecting its underside. It is, and I quote, “convoluted e Bella!”


chinatown kites

June 23, 2009

Last sketchcrawl..


falling behind

March 4, 2009

Tuesday night long pose.



March 4, 2009

Good, clean lines of the Spad S.VII tail section. Stocked the Escadrille Lafayette squad as of May 1917.


home is where the half-track is.

March 4, 2009

Nicely appointed RV half-track modeled after a 1972 GMC Motorhome. Based loosely on Pete, James and mine’s idea of securing a 2-decker London bus and stowing 3 marque 1 mini’s varyingly equipped for snow, high-speed flats and off-road rally. Insets of spacious cab, Toronado V-8 and spa. There is no explanation for the Russian flag.


Spoils of the Day

February 23, 2009


The Visual Effects Society awards show was last night in LA. Wall-e was nominated for Best Animated Film, Animated Character and Effects; and brother, we snagged all three! Shown here is my weighty and wired-for-light reward for Best Animated Character. In the category I share the honor with Austin Lee, Victor Navone and Ben Burtt! (The judging is based on a single sequence from the film- in this case ‘Wall-e and Eve Truck Sequence’) (A title plate for the front of the base is forth-coming)


The VES award uses the Georges Méliès image of the man-in-the-moon from his turn of the century work Le Voyage dans La Lune. A light in the base illuminates the moon face! ..a detailed behind-the-scenes rear side of the moon.


The award is finished to an exacting degree; Access the internal battery and light through a threaded port/ switch in the bottom!


Weighing-in at 10 lbs., its girth was matched only by tonnage of peer recognition. It was a good night in Century City!

Complete list of VES award recipients: